AMBRE cold process

There are many different methods used to extract oils and butters from their original plants, such as heating, bleaching and refining, that destroy the nutrients, leaving a plant extract without its natural goodness.

Most of the ingredients we use are literally alive as they are derived from living plants by cold-pressing or squeezing — the most preserving way, allowing the resulting oil or butter to maintain the plants’ goodness. In production we don’t heat the ingredients above 30°C using a special low temperature blending process. This ensures the final product maintains each ingredient’s potency and active vitamins, minerals, essential fatty-acids and antioxidant-rich nutrients.

This is called “Cold process”, and even though we didn’t invent it, we are among only a few producers in the world that use it and adhere to its principles. In addition, cold process doesn’t require the use of much energy, helping us to remain as sustainable as possible.

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